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27 Walt Disney Quotes to Help You Dream Again

One of the most successful animator’s and entrepreneurs of his time, Walt Disney showed the world how to dream again. He not only is a reminder to go after what is truly passionate in your heart, but he serves as a constant reminder to never forget the child in you. With that being said, here are 27 Walt Disney Quotes to help you believe in

24 Richard Branson Quotes To Help Jumpstart Your Dreams

24 Richard Branson Quotes To Help Jumpstart Your Dreams

First off, you gotta love the hot air balloons, right? I mean, what billionaire  finds the time  to attempt to fly around the world on a hot air balloon? Ladies and Gentleman, there is only one man and that man is Richard Branson. The Virgin Group founder, Richard Branson is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time. He’s also not your typical billionaire.


5 Ways to Start Every Day On a Positive Note

  Do you ever wake up and just know it’s going to be a crappy day? As you open your eyes, you just feel bad. Nothing feels good. You just want to curl up and stay in bed forever. And once you do get out of bed, that feeling sets the tone for the rest of the day. Most of the time, if you feel

3 Vital Life Lessons They'll Never Teach You in School

3 Vital Life Lessons They Never Taught You in School

School is important, don’t get me wrong. School has taught us a lot of things that are useful, but let’s be honest… there’s a TON of things it DIDN’T teach us. And so, when we got to the “real” world, we were kinda flustered. We all made up our own way of how to live life, based on the people around us. But sometimes the most important

7 Ways to Live the Life of Your Dreams

7 Ways to Live the Life of Your Dreams

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7 Motivational Quotes to Help Create Success in Your Life

Let’s face it. We all need a little motivation in our lives. Whether we are thinking about starting a new career (or starting your own business!), finally getting fit, or seriously considering some other big change in our lives, it always helps to hear a little positivity to help set you off on the right course and get you moving. So here are some quotes

21 jim rohn quotes to change your life

21 Powerful Jim Rohn Quotes That Will Change Your Life

If you are into self-development as much as I am, you will already know just how influential Jim Rohn is. One of the top self-development gurus of his time , Jim Rohn not only mentored one of the best motivational speakers there is living on Earth today (Tony Robbins!), but has impacted millions of people through his personal development workshops and books. Although  he is no longer

10 Inspirational Songs to Add to Your Playlist Right Now

10 Songs to Create Inspiration in Your Life

Have you ever been on the road and suddenly a song comes on that completely fills you with just the right feeling you needed to experience in that moment? Finally, finally, you were able to forget what you were worrying about as you let that song take you away to a place deep inside. You let whatever feeling out that’s been hiding. Whether joy, pain,

happiness healing

How You Can Heal Your Pain & Live a Better Life

I’ve fallen so many times I can’t even keep track. Life has brought so many problems that I’ve often wondered why the universe was conspiring against me. Why was it taking so much energy and happiness from me? Why did it choose me? Why was I such an easy target for pain? Have you felt this way before? Have you felt that things always seem